Black Desert Mobile brings Land of the Morning Light expansion update with Two boss fights, Four bonus tales and more


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New Content in Land of the Morning Light Expansion

Black Desert Mobile has recently launched the Land of the Morning Light expansion update, introducing a captivating Tale Collection with two new boss fights and four bonus tales alongside additional enriching content. This update includes new calamity levels, embers, scrolls, achievements, and emojis, promising players an enhanced gaming experience filled with more adventures and rewards.

Enhanced Tale Collection Features

The Land of the Morning Light expansion update has brought significant enhancements to the Tale Collection in Black Desert Mobile. In this latest update, players will discover four new engaging bonus tales named "Officers," "Apex Changui," "Sangoon," and "Oduksini." These bonus tales become accessible upon the completion of the original eight tales. Furthermore, completed tales are now conveniently added to the Tale Collection for easy access and review.

Introducing "Dolswe's Log"

A notable addition to the Tale Collection is the introduction of "Dolswe's Log." This intriguing log becomes unlocked after players successfully complete all four bonus tales and contains detailed records provided by Dolswe, who accompanies players on their journey through the tales.

New Black Shrine Bosses and Rewards

The update showcases new Black Shrine bosses, such as Sangoon, Apex Changui, and Oduksini. Players can now earn first clear rewards for each difficulty level, with each Black Shrine boss being accessible after finishing their corresponding bonus tales.

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Increased Energy and New Challenges

The maximum Energy capacity for the Black Shrine has been raised to 11, with Energy expanding by 1 after each completed difficulty level, reaching the maximum threshold. Moreover, the update introduces the Calamity 6 difficulty level for all Black Shrine bosses, offering a new challenge after overcoming Calamity 5 for each boss.

Exciting Rewards and Achievements

Upon completing a boss in Calamity 6 difficulty for the first time, players can receive the special [Calamity 6 Reward Sack], which includes Embers of Hongik x3 and Supreme EXP Scroll x1,000. Additionally, new Achievements have been added for conquering each boss's Calamity 6, rewarding players with Crimson Crown x100.

Introduction of Black Shrine Practice Mode

To further elevate the gaming experience, a new Black Shrine Practice Mode has been introduced. In this mode, players can instantly challenge the encountered bosses from the Tale Collection, providing an opportunity to test their skills across all difficulty levels without spending Black Shrine Entry Passes or Stamina.

New Crafting Recipes and Powerful Gear

The update also includes the addition of crafting recipes for Eternal-grade Gear, Dawnveil Helmet, and Dawnveil Armor in Black Desert Mobile. These new items, infused with immense power, require Flame of Hongik, Chaos Jewel, and Ah'krad as essential materials for crafting.

Introduction of Capotia Content

Black Desert Mobile introduces a new engaging feature known as Capotia, where players collaborate with guild members to combat waves of enemies. In Capotia, players fend off enemies in various forms over a specified duration, earning points based on their victories. These points are accumulated on a guild level, with all guild members receiving rewards correspondingly.

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Improvements and Optimizations

Significant improvements and optimizations have been made in the Battlefield of the Sun: Forgotten Ruins and various character features. The update also addresses system fixes and enhances the overall user interface for a smoother gaming experience.

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Black Desert Mobile brings the Land of the Morning Light expansion update with two boss fights, four bonus tales, and more. Join the adventure now!

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Black Desert Mobile brings Land of the Morning Light expansion update with Two boss fights, Four bonus tales and more

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