Bullet Echo: Analysing the Common Heroes and how to use them


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In the world of Bullet Echo, players are introduced to a diverse range of Heroes, each possessing unique stats and abilities that cater to different playstyles. From the Common Heroes like Stalker, Bastion, Raven, Firefly, to the elusive Mythic tier, the game offers a variety of options for players to explore and master.

Exploring the Common Heroes

When delving into the realm of Bullet Echo, choosing the ideal Hero for your gameplay can be a crucial decision. To aid players in this selection process, we delve into the intricacies of each of the 5 Common Heroes, providing detailed insights to guide players in finding the perfect match for their strategic approach.

1. Stalker

Power: 145 Health: 192 Damage: 52 Armour: 220

Overview: Stalker, armed with a potent rifle, embodies the essence of a versatile Hero. With decent stats and the ability to turn invisible, Stalker poses a formidable threat on the battlefield. While invisible, Stalker remains undetectable, offering a tactical advantage for players.

In-game Experience: Stalker proves to be a reliable and adaptable Hero suitable for various playstyles. Whether engaging in stealthy maneuvers or direct confrontations, Stalker's well-rounded abilities make him a valuable asset in combat scenarios.

2. Bastion

Power: 145 Health: 288 Damage: 23 Armour: 550

Overview: Bastion excels in defensive capabilities, equipped with a rapid-fire shotgun and robust armor. Despite possessing lower damage output, Bastion's durability and the ability to deploy a personal power shield make him a formidable opponent to overcome.

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In-game Experience: Bastion shines as a defensive powerhouse, providing vital protection for teammates with his sturdy armor. While lacking in offensive prowess, Bastion's role as a shield ensures the survival and success of the team in intense firefights.

3. Raven

Power: 135 Health: 100 Damage: 43 Armour: 100

Overview: Raven thrives in long-range combat, wielding a potent SMG capable of dealing high damage from a distance. With exceptional speed and the ability to detect nearby enemies, Raven excels at strategic positioning and reconnaissance.

In-game Experience: Raven's agile and offensive-oriented playstyle makes him a valuable asset for players who prefer a dynamic and aggressive approach. However, Raven's vulnerability due to low defensive stats necessitates careful tactical maneuvering to ensure survival.

4. Firefly

Power: 155 Health: 330 Damage: 126 Armour: 60

Overview: Firefly embodies the role of a sharpshooter, specializing in long-range precision with a rapid-fire sniper rifle and explosive grenades. Positioned at a distance, Firefly provides crucial support to teammates in engagements.

In-game Experience: Firefly's gameplay revolves around providing cover fire and eliminating targets from afar. Ideal for team-based strategies, Firefly's ability to control the battlefield from a distance proves invaluable in orchestrating successful engagements.


Power: 135 Health: 100 Damage: 285 Armour: 200

Overview: Blot strikes a balance between offense and defense, utilizing a powerful weapon and energy walls for protection. With a focus on high damage output, Blot offers a strategic advantage in engaging enemies from a safe distance.

In-game Experience: Blot's heavy-hitting arsenal and defensive capabilities make him a formidable force on the battlefield. By capitalizing on accurate shots and strategic positioning, players can maximize Blot's potential for securing kills and turning the tide of battle in their favor.

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As players navigate the world of Bullet Echo, mastering the diverse capabilities of each Common Hero is essential for achieving victory. By understanding the unique strengths and weaknesses of these Heroes, players can elevate their gameplay and outwit their opponents in thrilling combat scenarios.

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Bullet Echo: Analysing the Common Heroes and how to use them

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